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Media Optimization Social media optimization has helped the end user get the most out of technologies on a computer. This is not limited to interaction with people or sharing of reading material. Now you also have the opportunity to share the videos. Yes, whether you’re looking for a classic or a new movie clip, you can find it all here. Video clips can be easily uploaded, viewed and shared. The wide range of user-generated video clips available on various sites like You Tube, Dailymotion, Metcalfe,,, Google Video,,,, Blip .tv and

These sites are used all over the world

by people of all ages. Young people in particular find it a practical way to look at the things they like. The recent Google trend has shown that more and more people are searching for videos instead of reading the news or shopping.

You might be thinking that these sites would be really good and therefore it would be difficult to find the chosen movie very easily. No, not so … These video sites are maintain and develop by experts using the latest technology for media optimization. They have made the pages comprehensive and easy to use. Each place has something unique about itself. For example, if we are talking about Dailymotion, you will see that the site allows the user to search / browse the video using tags, channels or groups created by the user. At Metcalfe you will find original videos made from new new talents and existing heavyweights alike.

On You Tube you can watch movie clips,

music videos, TV clips and read leisure content. If you want, you can also videoblog (vlog). For those who are new to this concept, here is a brief preview. I would pay attention to the concept of blogs where every day the user posts a post. Similarly, on video blogging, posts  makes regularly here. Highly effective, media optimization experts combine videos or embedded video links with supporting images, text, and metadata. You will not believe it, but if you want, you can also watch these video clips on mobile phones and PCs.

Web development applications have developed

these interactive pages using various applications. These applications easily help with the distribution of video over the network. So if you upload the video, it will load immediately. On the various websites they use, there is a registration facility available and registered users can easily access various videos. While unregistered users only have access to some movies.

If you love watching movies, you can join one of the above networks.

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