E-learning latest technology applications

What are the latest technology applications used in e-learning?

E-learning latest technology applications According to industry experts, the e-learning

sector will continue to grow with the invention of new technologies and tools in 2012

and beyond. E-learning According to this year’s NMC Horizon report published by the New

Media Consortium and the Educes Learning Initiative, four key technologies are likely

to have a major impact on the way e-learning and teaching deliver today.info technology hub

Mobile apps and E-learning

Mobile devices and apps are now being use more and more not only in colleges and

universities but also in K-12 schools. SO The potential of mobile devices is huge, ranging

from solving complex math problems to viewing emails, links to websites, registering

and storing information. With the advent of 3G and 4G networks for mobile devices

(smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.), location-base services are widely available and

give you access to wireless internet anywhere in the world. SO Students can use these

mobile technologies to send and send necessary documents to their classmates, enjoy

video calls 24 hours a day and download relevant videos, E-learning games and songs at record speed. These were impossible to achieve with older technologies.

Tablet computing E-learning

THEREFORE The latest form of computing is much more portable and convenient via tablets. SO You can easily bring a tablet into the classroom and use it for research or surfing the Internet. E-learning These computer devices come with a larger screen than the new generation

smartphones and do not interrupt learning (no phone calls or SMS received). HOWEVER, E-learning tablets and iPads are simply great for one-on-one learning in educational institutions. They can also use to share educational content, emails and videos with classmates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Game-based learning

HOWEVER E-learning currently, about 63% of the US population plays video games, and experts believe that

gaming technology  use extensively in schools and universities within the next

2-3 years to improve learning. E-learning Teachers in some schools have already started

implementing video games or board games and card games in classrooms to

SO encourage greater engagement and interaction among students with the aim of benefiting and spreading interactive education.

Already more than 900 million

people use Facebook for various personal or professional reasons. SO E-learning Educational institutions have found a great weapon for success in social networks. Many schools are already developing social media rules to lay the foundation for e-learning. E-learning Teachers believe that social media sites can be used to leverage a rich resource of online professionals as well as to interact and get useful content and other resources from your friends online.

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