Digital signage: the latest technology in

Digital signage: the latest technology in advertising

Digital signage: the latest technology in advertising Electronic screens that display music video clips. And or other information messages are all forms of digital signage. This technology is gaining traction in the advertising and media industry due to its reach and the time. It takes to convey important messages to a wide range of consumers. Also known as outdoor advertising, it has huge advantages over traditional static signs used in advertising. Although the initial investment is higher than the latter, it offers a higher return on investment (ROI). Information is transferred to a

target audience in real time and change immediately without further


Because of this dynamic feature,

it is also known as Dynamic Digital Signage. It gives users the flexibility to update

content more easily and  customize to context and audience base on time and

preferences. SO There are several benefits to using this technology. SO Some of which include influencing customer behavior, promoting brand and loyalty. THEREFORE Providing information to consumers at the right time, increasing sales by encouraging cross-selling of the product.



improve work productivity and marketing communication channels. and cost and time savings. For some companies, it is also a source of revenue, as an advertising space

purchased by one particular industry can be rent to another. Depending on the

screen medium used, the information can be present in full screen, split screen

presentation, slide show or video presentation.

With digital signage solutions,

HOWEVER it is very important to update content regularly to ensure that the correct

information is displayed. Updates can be done via a scheduling system manually or

using a data source from a content provider. A variety of hardware is also needs to

view the information and deliver it to the specific location and intended people.

To work effectively,

this solution requires display screens that can be in the form of LCD or plasma screens, LEDs, projectors, etc. SO along with a content management server. By connecting them via a network and over the Internet, this solution can be made effective.

Used in various fields such as airports, train and bus terminals, hospitals, commercial

and financial institutions, digital signage is a technology that is revolutionizing the

way information transmit.

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